Scott Mackay

Writer/Screenwriter/Film Educator

Scott lives in central Scotland a handy distance from both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Although he still lives in
the town where he grew up this is only after travelling to (and living in) places like North Carolina, the
Isle of Wight, Thailand, Ireland… you get the idea. He now spends much of his time with young people trying
to explain the value of film, how to get involved in film and why you should never, ever just believe what
you see.

He writes screenplays and comic books, sure but what he mostly writes are funding applications since these can
be the most profitable form of writing known to man. Except forging cheques, obviously.




Click here for articles and descriptions of completed works.  There may be the odd artistic rant in here.

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Read the latest updates from Scott as he tries and fails to make sense of the world. There may be the odd political rant
in here.

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What is Scott working on right now? Articles here about the process of creating film, writing comics and how to finance development
trips to London.

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Need a writer/camera operator/editor? Got a project? Get Scott.

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